1. Educational webinar on ‘Mental Wellness and Positive Emotions’

With an aim to Empower Educators, DPS Chas in association with Umeed Counselling and Consulting Services organised a webinar on the topic ‘Mental wellness and PositiveEemotions’ on the virtual platform. The resource person Ms Salony Priya, a renowned counselling psychologist working in the area of education management, human development and training, student and teacher empowerment, parental guidance and comprehensive counselling imparted a lot of valuable information. Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Salony Priya stressed on mental wellness, creating positive emotions by choice, steps for being productive to handle new normal in classroom and adolescent behaviour. She shared tips and insights on positive teaching and the spirit to face the ‘Pandemic Blues’ and spoke about the role of ‘Happy Hormones’ for the child’s overall well-being. She pointed out that the new normal demands a new ‘you’ wherein one needs to develop new habits, new skills and discover new techniques. She added that we need to confront our fears, make thoughtful choices and accept the change and thus increase the HQ – The Happiness Quotient.

2. Webinar on “Master the Art of Handwriting” addressed by nationally reputed educationist cum handwriting expert

“Good and Bad Handwriting is an existing myth, There is only Trained or Untrained Handwriting”: - Dr. Gopinath With the firm belief to make a difference in the lives of the young generation by “redefining thinking and reaffirming creative educational perspectives” , DPS Chas organised webinar on the topic "Master the Art of Handwriting" which was addressed by nationally recognised educationist cum handwriting expert, Dr. S Gopinath, Founder of Centre of Educational Initiative and Research Trust (CEIR) and Director of Trivandrum based Veda Education . Dr. Sreeson Gopinath the handwriting expert took an hour’s session. He shared the story behind the foray into this field. He gave tips to improve children’s writing and how to achieve neater and more legible handwriting. He shared tips on posture, spacing in between the letters and letter formation. He provided an excellent insight into the teaching of handwriting including progression from letter formation to cursive writing, holding a pencil or pen correctly. He said, "Handwriting is a spiritual designing, even though it appears by means of a material instrument". In modern scenario where technology is abstaining a child from handwritten documents how can a teacher encourage a child towards handwriting coordinating between a good handwriting and speed. He humorously answered the question ‘Geniuses don’t have a good handwriting because their brain work faster than their hands’ breaking the thought process of the students who find connection in matching their handwriting with eminent people like doctors. The programme also threw light on the job opportunities available as a good handwriting expert.

3. Shehnai duo Sanjeev & Ashwani Shankar enthral hundreds of students of DPS Chas

DPS Chas in association with SPICMACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Cultural amongst Youth) organised a webinar ‘Samagam Shrinkhala’ on the virtual platform in which two internationally renowned shehnai maestros Sanjeev Shankar and Ashwani Shankar enthralled hundreds of students of the school. Sanjeev and Ashwani are two sons of internationally acclaimed shehnai exponent Pandit Daya Shankar belonging to the Banaras Gharana. The siblings started the programme with a prayer “Prabhuji Daya Karo”composed by their Guru followed by Raag “Shudh Sarang” and “Raghu Pati Raja Ram” song which enthralled thousands of listeners. The maestros were accompanied on tabla by Anand Shankar. Later answering the questions of DPS Chas students Falak Mishra, Rajeshwari Singh, Aditi Shubham, Aman Kumar, Sangeeta, Aryan Raj, Vikash and Vaibhavi Gunjan the shehnai duo shared their views on the uniqueness of the dhuns of Banaras Gharana, information on Shehnai musical instrument, difference between Karnataka and Hindustani Music, scientific reasons behind the time period for different ragas, upcoming career opportunities in the field of music and scope of shehnai in the contemporary age. They also shared their experience on their performance on national and international platform.


DPS Chas in association with SPICMACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Cultural amongst Youth) and Central University Jharkhand organised a webinar which was addressed by Padma Shri Awardee Guru Shashadhar Acharya. Addressing hundreds of Students and others all over the country and abroad the Chhau Guru shared his views on the relationship between art and the artist, Chhau art as a form of experience and mask techniques required in Chhau performance. Answering the questions on Chhau dance the Padma Shree AWARDEE gave minute details about the mask dance Chhau and informed that due to this art he got appreciation not only in India between even other country like France and Germany.


CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi while addressing thousands of students all over the country including several schools from abroad in a webinar “UDAY- THE RISING” organised by DPS Chas said that students, parents and teachers should work together to unleash the creative potentiality of each child with a view to provide the younger generation a scope for innovation, exploration and aesthetics. There should be collaborative efforts from all sides to impact quality and holistic education while teachers should keep in mind not to rush into completing the syllabus but recognise the need of emotional healing of the students. Students’ energy should be channelised in a positive direction towards attaining their aspirations through subjects of their interest. Innocence of children should be protected and we must cultivate compassion, understanding and be sensitive. For Principals and Teachers the take away was to be creative and provide the atmosphere for joyful learning and real life experiences. He said in the near future assessments will be application, skill and competency based. Taking questions from across the stakeholders he said just like this webinar all schools should organise webinars for connecting with parents for parenting, counselling and conducting various kinds of activities. In his address Mr.Anurag Tripathi said- Digital technology is going to be a part of our lives. He assured that there is no loss of learning rather there is a wide scope of growing and availing opportunities for skill based, project based, experiential learning experiences. COVID 19 has opened a range of opportunities and made schooling very relevant in this pandemic time. It has made us design pedagogy to achieve specific learning outcomes with techniques for assessments framed in small measures.