Warm Greetings!

The purest form of knowledge is attained by sharing it. It gives us strength to illuminate the world with the light of happiness, love and peace. What we do today, Right Now will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows.
Perform right and leave footprints so virtuous that can never be savaged by time!

The world is undergoing an unexpected and unimagined transformation. But what makes us hold onto ourselves with stability is the concept of ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam’. As a human, it is our responsibility to take the courageous step of mentoring children with this ideal and making the mortals not only a structure of bone and muscle, but of an unmatched intellect and spirit. The unvanquishable zeal to lead.

Education is the key to such glory. With the arrival of the New Education Policy a new insight has set in. To envision India, in all new facets is to empower the young. It is so heartening that NEP fulfills the objective of strengthening India as ‘Viswa Guru’.

The New Education Policy adopted accomplishes this mission as it recognizes the unique capabilities of each child, emphasizing upon an education based on conceptual understanding, seeking to further the ethics and constitutional values, thus, keeping the passion ignited in the child. Furthering this aim of education, the stakeholders, professionals and educators should pledge to produce young men who are happy individuals with resilience, self-motivation and the courage to battle adversities with endurance. These are the illustrated objectives that the novel teaching methodology and pedagogy devise.


The Veda mentions that scholars who contemplate on their thoughts and translate them into actions are the ones who are really great and noble. One should constantly strive to acquire knowledge and by doing so one shall be praised and respected amongst by scholars. Acquiring knowledge is a process that should come easy, so, CBSE has latched on and initiated the idea of Art Integration and Competency based Education.

A bethel of knowledge, the school, should provide students a threshold to become internationally minded global individuals who appreciate the world culture and radiate an environment of concern and global peace, thus, satiating every soul and quenching the thirst to become an individual so elegant with passionate mindset and the drive to optimize artistic and literary knowledge and skill.

“A teacher should have faith in the inherent potentialities of each and every student, for the Atman (Self) is lodged in the heart of every creature. At the same time, he should be able to recognize the differences in their capacity of assimilation owing to diverse backgrounds, as has been aptly pointed out: Though all men have the same eye and ears, yet they are unequal in their intellectual capacities”- as quoted in the Veda.

So let us all pledge to take this involving responsibility forward and execute well the brilliant task of empowering learning. Letting everyone experience the phenomenal growth!

Let, knowledge enrich the human kind!

Best wishes,
Dr. Hemlata S Mohan,
Chief Mentor