Art integrated medium of teaching and learning is based on the theory of learning through the arts and learning with the arts. This process of teaching learning enables our students to connect the complex theories of any subject to the practical aspects of real life that helps in better understanding and conceptual application. This method and its application has really made our students excel not only in academics but has also built in them the qualities of decision makers as a trailblazer which has always been our priority. We believe that education is also about learning, practical applications, ethics, life skills, traditions, culture, interpersonal skills and self-realization. The school has magnificent Dance room with wooden tile flooring and wall to wall mirror to prompt any flaw in the pose or steps. The Music rooms, one vocal and other instrumental are equipped with right musical instruments for the students under the guidance of expert teachers to tune them with the right chord. The school has integrated all the special days in their curriculum to celebrate the same thereby instilling the quality of sensitivity and belongingness in the children. ‘Aavirbhav’ – The yearly cultural week organized in the school is based on Inter-house competition between the four houses to bring the best out of the students in the field of group song, group dance, instrumental music and fine arts.

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Initiatives are being taken to connect students with the contemporary art, understand the intricacies and be a part in the promotion of Art and culture in the near future. The school supports SPIC MACAY – Society for the promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture amongst Youth. Artists from this forum are invited to school on regular basis for creating an awareness and interest amongst our school children and the interactive performances by the invited Artists is a storehouse of information for the students. The students of the school are placed in four houses, Ganga, Jamuna, Chenab and Sutlej and the competitiveness of the events encourages the students to strive and excel in various fields. Activities like Art and Craft/Commercial Art, Dance - Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, Odissi Contemporary etc., Instrument Music - Tabla and Percussion, Vocal Training are conducted to boost up their creativity and bring enthusiasm in their mood. Each student is motivated to opt one of the mentioned creative form and the school ensures that children further their interest and show their overwhelming participation.
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Thematic assembly is a comprehensive idea to aware the students about the history, culture and integrity of India. Every week the assembly is conducted by students of one of the four houses wherein they display the importance of the days in that week which makes our morning assembly eduvibrant. The purpose of this is to make them understand the importance of togetherness and inculcate in the students the qualities of leadership.


A very innovative concept of using raagas as bells to mark the change in periods allures every heart. This step was taken in order to break the monotony of those old loud and identical bells and to bring our students close to our rich Indian culture and heritage. The use of raagas as bells help rejuvenate the minds and increase their power to concentrate thus making them more attentive towards studies; this way art has been integrated in all forms of school life and curriculum, making students meditative in whatever they do.

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To aware the students about the benefits of trees, to prick their consciousness towards environment and to enhance their understanding on issues related to sustainable development; DPS Chas encourages environmental stewardship – the concept of nurturing nature. Students on their birthday, adopt a sapling and they plant the same taking an oath to take care for them. To appreciate and encourage this deed, every Wednesday the children are called upon with the plant nomenclature. This campaign is thought to help children make intelligent decision about conservation and optimum utilisation of our valuable natural resources.


One of the most important part of our school is our aisle. We have groomed our aisle in thematic base which ignites the curiosity of the learners to help them learn beyond syllabi, instilling life skills and moral values to make students a responsible citizen. The young talents are able to actively construct their own knowledge and are able to relate to real world experiences. The thematic display materials showcase child’s growing awareness and understanding, provide them with opportunities to learn by experiencing and help them to understand that learning is connected to life.

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To enhance communication skills, general awareness, and to build self-confidence, DPS Chas provides a radio jockey platform to the students. Students create shows on Vedic books which are based on the theme "Unity and Diversity". They also create special shows on Indian Festivals, technology, news, and current affairs, etc. It is a beneficial medium for those students who are slow learners.