New Age classrooms


To make teaching learning process more active and to empower the teachers with well researched, mapped to curriculum digital modules which could be projected in the classrooms to elucidate and explain concepts, all the classes have been converted into smart- classrooms. This enables immediate and permanent impact on the learners, making learning convenient, easy and interesting.



The school has a good collection of films and other audio-visual aids. These are used for teaching effectively. It is also used for holding lecture programmes, Inter-House competitions and other functions. The school also has a virtual reality lab where students are exposed to a new learning environment through computer simulations. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, they are immersed and able to interact with 3D world.


The School provides each student with a locker and key at the beginning of the session to store books, note books, lunch boxes and other items necessary for use at school. It is the endeavour of Delhi Public School, Chas to see that each and every child completes his/her assignment in the class before leaving school. The child may leave his text books in his/her locker and carry only note books that are required at home. This is done with a view to lessen the burden of bag load on the student. Parents are therefore advised to keep some study material at home so that the student is in touch with his lessons even at home and does not miss out on his/her studies