DPS Chas provides a bus service that ensures the commutation comfort of all the students. The entire city of Bokaro has different nodal stops and students are provided with pick and drop facility. The school buses are spacious and has the capacity to accommodate required number of students. School bus drivers are responsible while giving the pick & drop service. They also ensure that the children are comfortably seated and maintain discipline. Good transport facility brings children at ease and their interest towards the school is elevated. The buses are decked up with CCTV cameras and GPS tracker to further ensure safety of children.
DPS Chas is situated on Chas-Chandankyari Road, 5.5 Kms from Jodhadih More, Chas. DPS Chas caters to the children of Bokaro, Chandankyari, Chandrapura, Chira Chas, Chas, Digwadih, Jharia, Patherdih, Purulia, Sindri and Telgharia. (Subject to the requisite number of students availing the transport facility in the route)
Separate buses route covering below areas
Dhanbad, Bhagabandh, Digwadih, Bokaro Steel City Sectors, Jharia, Chira Cha,s Kandra (Near DVC),Purulia, Kathras More Jharia, Raghunathpur, Malti Luxuria City, Bokaro, Sindri, Manpur, Santhaldih (Via Chandankiyari), Modidih (Near Electrosteel Gate,) Phusro/Jaina More, Patherdih, Chas (Via Bye-Pass & Block Office), Chandrapura (Via Mahuda/Pupunki), Balidih / Bokaro Steel City Railway Colony (Via Kurmidih Bazar & Holy Cross), Biada Housing Colony/Lohanchal Colony (Via Four Lane highway)



An infirmary is a dedicated space where students can rest or recover when they need medical attention. With an infirmary within the school premises, we are able to provide quick medical assistance in time. We have a well-equipped infirmary managed by a full-time professional nursing team. In event of any injury or illness, students receive immediate medical attention.
Prime importance is paid to what the children eat. Diet chart are given to parents to follow a nutritious and healthy diet for students. Fruit breaks have been incorporated to let children have different fruits during this break. Frequent medical check-ups ensure fitness of the children


24 hours CCTV surveillance

Surveillance to monitor the entire school premises is set up in place. Every classroom is fitted with 2 cameras, one in the front and other on the rear to record the coverage of the entire classroom area. The corridors, stairs and all the strategic areas are under surveillance. Supplementing this, security guards are at place to keep the entire school safe 24x7. The school transport is equipped with GPS and cameras to ensure safety of children during commutation. Every now and then the children are made aware through videos and action how they should keep themselves safe from any physical abuse.



Our canteen provides healthy and balanced Indian vegetarian food. Fruits are also provided at each meal. The food is cooked, stored and served in the most hygienic conditions. The inputs from qualified dieticians and nutritionists are taken in determining a balanced and healthy menu for the pupils. The best part about our in-house school mess is that the students have hot fresh meals. The fresh vegetables come from our organic farm allocated at one corner of our school campus