Our Curriculumn

Our curriculum, while being based on the recommendations of the Central Board of Secondary Education, also leverage on the long years of our experience in the field of education. A lot of emphasis is provided to knowledge application. This means that the child learns every subject along with an understanding of its real world application or with real examples. This ensures that the learning is for life and not for an examination. Our curriculum also encourages integrated learning. Integrated learning, or thematic learning as it is also called is the learning or study of multiple related subjects in relation to the same concept.A lot of importance is also given to developing the inherent strengths of the child via various interesting and fun activities. We encourage thinking and analysis rather than memorizing and repetition. This ensures that learning is not a burden for the child but something that he or she looks forward to. DPS Chas, Bokaro is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The curriculum followed in junior and senior classes is based on NCERT guidelines, albeit with several innovations which have been introduced after much research and study. The school keeps abreast with the best pedagogical practices from all over the world.