The development of community, society, nation and universe is dependent on the education system. The holistic development of children of any nation is in the hand of teachers. DPS, Chas took the initiative to bring forth better professionals and effective teachers by organizing a two-day workshop on the 21st Century Teacher ---- A new Paradigm from 3rd-4th October 2019. The maiden day commenced with lighting the lamp by Dr Hemlata S Mohan, the Chief Mentor, DPS, Chas along with other dignitaries. The two eminent resource persons Mr P. Rajashekhar and Ms. Rajashree Dash were introduced by Principal, DPS, Chas Mrs Neelkamal Sinha. Ms Rajashree Dash started the session with an activity inculcating zeal and enthusiasm in teachers. The latter expert, Mr P. Rajashekhar provided a detail account about the teaching methodology. He pointed out three methodology-Transmission which is an old, hackneyed form, where teachers transmit their knowledge to students directly. Transaction is another process where a situation is created to make the students feel free to talk and the most effective is teaching as Transformation which is to create conditions that have potential to transform the learner on many different levels. They also laid emphasis on 4c-creativity, collaboration, communication and creative thinking. In the post-lunch session, the experts bought Blow the Balloon activity to demonstrate transformation. They also introduced some remarkable methods to help a teacher in planning his lessons effectively. The sole aim was to enable the faculty to make their classes interesting and interactive. Finally, the maiden day session finished with few sets of questionnaires aiming to improve the skill of teaching.

The final day of the workshop was all the more stimulating as different activities and group discussions conjointly opened new doors of learning for teachers. In Know Your Driver session positive as well as negative aspects of personality traits as a teacher was highlighted. Giving example the resource persons emphasized on the misconceptions developed in young minds due to stereotyped teaching pattern and as well as negative praising. The advice given by them was instead of giving exhaustive practice of the basic concept students should be taught more number of methods to solve a particular problem.

Dr Hemlata S Mohan spoke on the occasion that today as the time is changing gradually the responsibilities of a teacher are also growing. It has become very important to hone the teaching skills of the teachers every now and then so that they can quench the thirst of curiosity of the students. She also spoke about the collaboration of 3H formula-Head, Heart and Hand. Mrs. Neelkamal Sinha said that the workshop was really equipped with new dimension of teaching, thereby helping the teachers to learn research-based strategy, to learn to collaborate with colleagues on best practices. Vote of thanks was proffered by Mrs Rashmi Sinha, Headmistress, DPS, Chas.